Great Recordings, Sonically Speaking - and Why.

I think many of us would accept that artists such as Pink Floyd, Steely Dan, and Dire Straits have consistently put out music that was at least originally recorded to a high technical standard. [I'm not too sure what the loudness wars may have done to subsequent reissues, but even so, the tone and timbre thankfully tends to remain intact.]

However there must be plenty of lesser known recordings out there that could be said to be of a high sonic standard.

One such recording that I like to put on in the background whilst I'm doing other things is a piano recording that features wonderfully lush timbre and some delightful tunes.

This one is The Disney Piano Collection by Hirohashi Makiko and to me it makes a lot of other piano recordings sound a little washed out.
Funny. I just gave up looking for a truly great LP! I have a copy, but apparently it’s rare. 1958. RCA Living Stereo, one of RCA’s first batch of brand new stereo recordings, released in March 1958. The first stereo LP was released by Audio Fidelity in November of 1957. 
Not even YouTube has a video of it.

The New Glenn Miller Orchestra. “Something Old, New, Borrowed and Blue”

Its a tremendously well recorded LP despite its being made at the very dawn of stereo records. 
John Mayer, the later the better. Even his first album was pretty good considering his circumstances, but his latest "The Search For Everything" is a fantastic recording of some pretty fine music (imo). He's got a new one coming out in a few days and I'll be shocked if it's not very good as well. Also, Fourplay's "Best of" album is an excellent recording, especially now that it's available in hi-res. I know Steely Dan's been mentioned but Donald Fagen's solo stuff is also pretty great.
I have tick skin so if I get beat up for stating the obvious I can handle it.  It does not matter how much I spend on a piece of new gear or a tweak, the single biggest contribution to my listening pleasure is the quality of the recording.  Why were so many poor quality LP’s and CD’s produced?  Maybe it was the low opinion record companies had for their customers … I don’t know.

I have heard a couple of the new PS Audio Octave records releases and have to say they are really well done.  Pity they don’t release on Vinyl as well.
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