Great review on HORNS Symphony Loudspeaker for you "aficionado's" of horn speakers

My colleague Mike Wright, at Stereo Times website, has a superbly written review on the Horns Symphony Loudspeaker that just was posted today. If you are interested in horn speaker designs, you should take a look at Mike's take on this speaker for all the details why he was sad to see it go back after his reviewing process.

Dear dishawasha,

coming from a Mummy (a very nice speaker) myself the Symphony are better in every way. I am still very happy with my upgrade.

Thank you for the response, nepfotos.  I have a chance to purchase the Symphony 13" at an extremely low price, but I'm just waiting to make the jump.  The dealer I purchased the Mummy's from said the Symphony's provide a "beautiful" sound.  With only having YouTube videos to get a general characteristic of them, I can only imagine how they sound in person. 

Thanks for sharing and happy listening. 

The Horns Symphony loudspeaker if not a horn speaker.  It is a hybrid speaker that includes a horn.  Horn bass is the icing on the cake.