Great Rock Bassists your Top 10.Rock not Jazz. But Hey what about Reggae

My top 10.

  1. Chris Squire
  2. Jack Bruce
  3. Tina Weymouth
  4. Kim Deal
  5. Kim Gordon
  6. Peter Hook
  7. Rick Danko
  8. John Entwistle
  9. Jaco Pastorious
  10. Aston Barrett (Bob Marley and the Wailers) 

In no particular order:

Louis Johnson (my personal favorite) 

James Jamerson 

Victor Wooten, Jaco Pastorius, Flea, (I despise their music but their skill is undeniable)  

Stanley Clarke will get the Celine Dion treatment here - the music is simply too awful to warrant praise for the artist’s technical proficiency 

Bootsy Collins

Larry Graham

Francis Rocco Prestia

Bernard Edwards








I wonder if Jerry made a miraculous recovery, or succumbed to his illness?





Either way, it seemed of great import to a family member(probably another cousin) to come on here to let everyone know there will be no more posts from earl...I mean skypu...I mean jerry.

Really, who thinks of that?

"Gosh, forget about all the upcoming difficulties and preparations we need to make for this life changing event, the important thing is to go on that audiophile forum and announce he won’t be posting anymore." As jerryg123.

Apparently it doesn't matter if he makes a full recovery. By golly, he will not be posting again.