Great Rock Bassists your Top 10.Rock not Jazz. But Hey what about Reggae

My top 10.

  1. Chris Squire
  2. Jack Bruce
  3. Tina Weymouth
  4. Kim Deal
  5. Kim Gordon
  6. Peter Hook
  7. Rick Danko
  8. John Entwistle
  9. Jaco Pastorious
  10. Aston Barrett (Bob Marley and the Wailers) 

@stuartk The way described those kinds of guitar players is exactly the way I feel about them. 

@sidog1460 Have you ever checked out Louis Johnson on these songs:

”Strawberry Letter 23,” “Stomp!” - Brothers Johnson

”Get On the Floor” - Michael Jackson

”The Dude” - Quincy Jones

Just ridiculously great stuff.

I personally don’t view popular music with such strict adherence to labels.  Why would Flea be more “rock” than Larry Graham?  What does it matter?  
Notions of labeling and applying music to a “genre” helps marketing executives make more money, they don’t help anyone else.  Such notions don’t help artists effectively communicate their ideas, and they don’t really help music fans assemble and disseminate great music for themselves or their friends.

Pretty much all popular music of the last 60-odd years is a result of the Rock and Roll Explosion of the mid-to-late 1950s.  Sure, traditional bluegrass, for instance, continued into the Rock and Roll Era, but even that is arguably a building block of rock and roll, and rock and roll is essentially the universe we’ve been living in, popular-music-wise, for the 60-odd years.

“Popular Music” and “Rock and Roll” are essentially synonymous to me.  Reggae, hip-hop, metal, etc.  Verse-chorus-repeat, middle section (solo or bridge or interlude) and that’s about it. It’s all the same s***, just different flavors.


of course I have heard of Louis Johnson of the Bros. Johnson. When I was growing up, the two best known r@b guitarist were Louis Johnson and Larry Graham. My ex-brother in law actually was pretty good, but issues within the band broke them up and never quite reached his peak. @tylermunns you sound like you might know something about a band named Slave. His name was Mark Adams. Bros. Johnson, Strawberry Letter opening bass notes Unforgettable