Great Rock Bassists your Top 10.Rock not Jazz. But Hey what about Reggae

My top 10.

  1. Chris Squire
  2. Jack Bruce
  3. Tina Weymouth
  4. Kim Deal
  5. Kim Gordon
  6. Peter Hook
  7. Rick Danko
  8. John Entwistle
  9. Jaco Pastorious
  10. Aston Barrett (Bob Marley and the Wailers) 


of course I have heard of Louis Johnson of the Bros. Johnson. When I was growing up, the two best known r@b guitarist were Louis Johnson and Larry Graham. My ex-brother in law actually was pretty good, but issues within the band broke them up and never quite reached his peak. @tylermunns you sound like you might know something about a band named Slave. His name was Mark Adams. Bros. Johnson, Strawberry Letter opening bass notes Unforgettable 


Sorry, when Louis didn’t crop up in your initial comment on my picks, I wondered if that name may have escaped you, clearly it didn’t.

I am not familiar with Mark Adams or Slave.  Thanks for the top.  I’ll have to check it out.


Even though he strayed away from rock tylermunns has some great r&b/funk bass choices with Boosty, Bernard Edwards, Larry Graham

I could ’a sworn Sly and The Family Stone were a rock band? Hence Larry Graham actually should be in this category?

I’ve always considered Funkadelic a rock band, especially the early stuff with Eddie Hazel. So Bootsy fit right in.

Flea!? Nah...I never understood how this guy gets so much acclaim at playing the bass when he sounds so much like others that came before him?

Jaco, could do whatever the heck he wanted to do...

My favorite 2 albums by Stanley Clarke were Stanley Clarke 1974 and Journey to Love 1975. On those albums Jeff Beck would just shine...

I once saw Stanley by himself with nothing but his bass, an amp, a cigar, a stool and a mike. His band got stranded at the airport because of a snow storm. It was one of best shows I’ve ever seen. The entire audience was mesmerized...

I’ll always will have a sweet spot for the Tower of Power bassist Francis Rocco Prestia.

One of my first concerts seeing YES live, Chris Squire blew my mind on that double Rickenbacker bass...

@tyray - saw Yes in '77 when Chris had a THREE neck bass. Probably take somebody as big as Chris to support that thing!