Great song to test bass

Try this song 
"BASS Drops" by Nenad Vasilic from album Bass Room.
Great for testing bass and imaging
Actual Gavrilo's principles is good too
It's so cool to me that others know about "Flight of the Cosmic Hippo".

I would also recommend "Cousin John" by Marcus Miller. 
Pretty good test for lows but even more so the speed and dynamics. 
Night Moves by Gregg Allman on his best album.

I used to haul around The Last Record Album for the track One Love Stand. I bought 2 pairs of speakers with it. 

an album by Chris Thile and Edgar Meyer named Bass & Mandolin has lots of deep double bass.
"Love", the fourth track from the 1971 Pharaoh Sanders album Thembi.  5 minutes of brilliant  stand-up bass playing by Cecil McBee. The engineer of this recording got everything right.  Sounds like you are inside the bass. You can feel the wood of the instrument vibrate. My go-to for testing bass and imaging.