Great song to test bass

Try this song 
"BASS Drops" by Nenad Vasilic from album Bass Room.
Great for testing bass and imaging
Actual Gavrilo's principles is good too

The Roy Haynes Trio - Sippin at Bells (John Pattitucci on upright - my favorite recorded jazz album)

Bela Fleck & The Flecktones - Live Art (both discs, particularly Amazing Grace) - Victor Wooten live

Radiohead - House of cards - haunting pulse

Marcus Miller - Live & more album - Funny - insane synth underneath 4 string fretted and 5 string fretless)

Cantate Domine - Candide Noel (crank it and feel the pipe organ)


I’ll note that these tracks I posted require sub 30hz in room to get a true sense of their overall character. Well recorded and tasteful (imho), but deep reaching subs will extract the most.

My Druids are good, but I have to enact the RELs to get all the way down.

+1 to an Hans Zimmer soundtrack.

Also like Brian Eno’s Apollo album.