Great sounding close to back wall speakers.

Looking for recommendations for great sounding speakers that can be located close (say within 24") of rear wall.
What ever you decide make sure it's sealed , transmission line or a front ported speaker. You never mentioned what types of music you listen to. This should make recommendations a little easier.
THere's another thread on just this topic a few days ago. Wilson has some new at CES speakers that can go right up against the wall (and on bookshelves). Having not been at CES, I haven't heard them
My Cain Abbys are within 2 feet of the back wall and work incredibly well. If the 6 feet size is not a problem, they are some of the most amazing speaker around. Huge soundstage and images, relastic portrait of instruments, smooth and full sound.

Otherwise, I listened to the Totem Arro a while back and they do profit from close placement to the wall. Some speakers in the Totem lineup might work well for you.

And both work well with tube amplifications if you plan to use your current CJs. Are you going to replace your Gershman Acoustics speakers or is this for a second room?

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