Great sounding/recorded albums

I'm tired of all the electronic fake drums and other music I'm hearing on so many albums. 

What are some excellently recorded albums/songs that actually sound like the instruments you're hearing and not a synth?

I am 2 channel only right now and primarily listen through Tidal.
bdp24, I agree about Roy Orbison.  Some of his tracks remind me of the sound of Patsy Cline's recordings, which I think are excellent.

I can see that @tostadosunidos. Those Southerners have an unfair advantage ;-) . Have you heard Patsy’s very early recordings, before Owen Bradley began producing her? She was much more Hillbilly early on, almost Rockabilly (as were guys like George Jones and Johnny Horton, and the great Wanda Jackson, whose two recent albums were produced by Jack White!).

Another great early Rock ’n’ Roll act recorded in good sound were The Everly Brothers. Both their Cadence (late-1950’s) and early Warner Brothers’ albums (1960 onward) possess good recorded sound, especially on the Ace Records (UK) LP’s pressed in the 1980's.

I tend to agree with a number of respondents, trust the label. Reference Recordings, ECM, Stockfisch, stand out in particular, perhaps Chandos, Pentatone for Classical.

My two personal favourites are

  Sara K, "Waterfalls" on Stockfisch

  Mark Murphy, "Love is What it Says"

  Both you know you are in for a treat from the first bar.

Doobie Brothers - Takin’ it to the streets
Often my reference when I want to nail someone in the chair to 100db :-)

Nils Lofgen - Bass and drum intro (Live)
Daft Punk (naturally....)
Billy Joel - Live Shea Stadium 2008
Fleetwood Mac - The Chain (Rumours)
France Gall - Concert public concert privé
Avishai Cohen - acoustic bass playing
All remastered Beatles pretty good.

Awesome suggestions.  I would like add:

Most things from Hans Zimmer
Prince of Egypt soundtrack.. First track wow slammin bass and big sound.  Great choir/symphonic pieces throughout.