Great Vintage Amps-which one for you?

Hi, I'm 21 and I do have a passion for vintage amplifiers. There gems that are built like tanks with excellent components and the sound to die for. Too bad they don't make like this anymore. My favorite ones are most all vintage Pioneer, Nikko Alpha and NA Series (I have a Nikko NA-690 Integrated Amplifier), and Sansui AU Series. Anybody here have the passion for vintage gear?
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Hi Jkaway.Yes, A very nice sounding vintage amplifier even in stock form. I am certain Scott Frankland's work took it to a whole higher level. PS: RCA 5791's...must be a typo? I'm sure you meant to type 7591's.
No, sorry, I have not heard it. But I have a sentimental fondness for Luxman stuff from the old days, if it is still the same company. They put out some really outstanding tube products.
I love vintage gear....have had, and have tons of amps. One of the best I have owned is the Soundcraftsmen MA5002 with the analoque meters. Tons of guts. Fast tight bass, and nice mids and highs too. And talk about vintage: The looks are, well it is a real good looker too.
Precision fidelity C7A...for its phono section
Levinson M 27.5...worked damned well with any speaker I threw at it
PS Audio 2C plus...great sounding little 40 watt basic amp..responds well to mods...wonderful amp and can be bridged

McIntosh MC225...this is the one piece I regret selling a few years back..I should have restored it and modded it.