Greatest Songwriter of all time

I was reading the Dylan post and it got me thinking. There are many great songwriters that come to mind, my expertise/knowledge is primarily with rock music. If you could only pick three, what would they be? My vote for best lyrics goes to:

Jim Morrison
Bruce Springsteen
Elvis Costello

Best music goes to:

Mark Knopfler
Stevie Ray Vaughn
Frank Zappa

I'd have to say Antônio Carlos Jobim, George Gershwin,and Lennon and McCartney are up there

Townes Van Zandt, Patty Griffith and Tom Waits sure are good



Lennon & McCartney

Fagan Becker

Paul Simon 

Bob Dylan

Neil Young

Jackson Browne

John Mellencamp

Carole King


Gorden Lightfoot who passed recently deserves a mention, even if he was just a Canadian.🏆