Greek Audiophile - Documentary Video

I just thought some of you may get a kick out of this, as well as possibly some inspiration : )

I'm not sure if this is allowed under audiogon's policies, but I'm sure the moderators will let me know.
I lived in Greece for a few years back in the 80s. Those guys, their attitudes and inflections are exactly as I remember the Greek friends I made. Wonderful film. The filmmaker has several others on the site, they are all worth a look.
That was awesome. Watching that I didn't feel like it was anything like me. Then true story I walked downstairs on my way to the fridge and happened to notice the 2 pairs of speakers I bought last night for modding. Oh right, I need to take those out to the garage where the other two pair I'm working on are. I'll order some crossover parts while I order the caps for that vintage receiver I picked up recently. You see I'm nothing like those guys. It's just a hobby. Ya know, just to see what stuff sounds like. Yea I feel better now. I hope you guys take a good hard look at yourselves. LOL! You folks have a safe and happy holiday season.
Ive followed their website for years, excellent short but as a greek myself I was wondering why they were listening to Krall and Barber, where's Sfakianaki and Mitropanos pethia? Give those nicotine and ouzo laced vocals spin with those glorious tubes.
I'm not Greek, but I love avgolemono & embrace the right to deny the acknowledgement of my own obsessions...good enough to join the club?
The best voice in Greek music is that of the late ,great unsurpassed Stellios Kazantzidis.We lost him a few years ago to lung cancer.His nick name was in Greek "O Theos" meaning "God' a name reflecting his voice.His duo with lady singer Marinella gave us some unforgetable songs
Others that are exceptional are Panos Gavalas,Kaiti Grey,Mary Linda,Poly Panou,Vicky Mosholiou,Tolis Voskopoulos,Giannis Poulopoulos,Giannis Kalantzis,Stratos Dionysiou,Grigoris Bithikotsis,Spyros Zagoreos,Stamatis Kokkotas,Litsa Diamandi and others that slip my mind at the moment.
Also I need to mention the two Pillars as we call them of Greek music of Rembetiko or Greek Blues style and that's
Vasilis Tsitsanis and Markos Vamvakaris.
This is the music I grew up with and the reason I entered this hobby of ours.
A big "Yia sou" to all the Greek audiophiles out there.
George Papoutsis