Green Mountain Audio Calypso

I see Green Mountain Audio now has a pic of it's Calypso up:

I can't wait to get a chance to hear this!!! Wonder how close it is, sound-wise, to the Continuum 3s?

I kinda like it, especially seeing it's based on form "dictated by function". I can't speak for GMA, per se, but to me, I think the individual pods reallly will help each driver "dissapear" more.
Ketchup - I would be my bottom dollar that it is one of the best speakers any of us would likely have the priviledge or hearing.

Though I have no doubt is sounds fantastic, it would never be allowed in my home for aesthetic reasons.
Regarding aesthetics, I think Green Mountain offers covers for the tops of their speakers, like a minimalist frame covered in acoustically transparent cloth. (I'm pretty sure it was them). Can anyone confirm / deny?