Green Mountain Audio Chroma HX

Hi, Folks,
Do any of you have any experience with the latest iteration of Roy Johnson's Green Mountain Audio Rio stand mount? He's upgraded the crossover and internal wiring, and it's now called the Chroma HX.
Any impressions?

Have you seen the measurements?
I asked green mountain but they refused.

Tell us about your room and your amp.
That would be off topic. This is about the green mountain chroma speakers. Not rooms or amps. I tried different rooms and had the same problem. How do you explain that? How do you explain that the green mountain authorized dealership came round and set them up using the same room and amp and made no comments about them?
Where is the proof that the green mountain chroma speakers are time and phase coherent?  Where is the proof it's response is flat? Where is the proof the cabinet is inert and free of resonances? 
Where is the proof that using a smaller box for that woofer brings any advantages?  have you heard the speakers?  Taken them apart? Modified them? I've done all those things. I know what I'm talking about. Putting a woofer into a cabinet changes it's response in the upper range. Do you agree? Therefore a 0.21mh coil will not automatically result in perfect first order acoustic roll off. That inductance is arrived at for an electrical 4 ohm load at 3khz crossover point. To get a first order roll off, you'd need to measure the raw woofer in the cabinet. Then you'd need to do a series of simulations to get the desired acoustic slope. Where is the proof this has been done? It obviously doesn't look like it has. So why is it wrong for me to state that no measurements were made? 

"That would be off topic."

You made your room and your amp "on topic" when you attacked Roy and his speakers based on how they sounded in your room and with your amp.

"[unreasonable and unfounded attack... unreasonable and unfounded attack... unreasonable and unfounded attack]...So why is it wrong for me to state that no measurements were made?"

Because it is wrong to lie.


I think Kenjit should share HIS measurements that back his claims. What did you use to take your measurements? Why not show your proof of your claims? Surely all of your measurements and the method you used would be of some importance in this discussion. 
I have  been listing to my GMA RIO hxs that received the GMA new burn in treatment  for the crossovers. This treatment  is even more of an improvement  in the sound than the chroma hx upgrade was. They now blow away any of the many good speakers I nave owned over the past 40 years. The improved  detail and musicality result in far more enjoyment in listing to my cds and vinal. They are more musical than any of the systems I heard at  the Oakland  hi fi show recently. Everyone  who hears them is blown away by their sound. Many thanks to Roy Johnson and his expertise in speaker building.

 Thnnks again ! 
 Steve Cochran
Thank you Steve, for your kind support and to the others as well!

To be clear: Your Chroma II’s were upgraded to Chroma HX-- the differences described on our website. And now your HX circuits and wires, and solder, and binding posts have received a special burn-in process.

While I cannot elaborate on the nature of the burn-in, it is the result of years of lengthy experiments based upon physics discussions of the ’nature of flaws in man-made devices’ with the designers of crossover parts, including wires, solder, and binding posts, and with the designers of drivers.

Steve, your speakers are still labeled "Chroma HX" on their backsides, but marked as ’burned in" in our logs. I don’t yet have a name for ’the process’.

Dave, who just posted his HX review here, also received this burn-in. It was put into production for all products earlier this year, and everyone has had the same reactions. I am probably the most surprised at the difference it made in the sound. I’m certainly glad you are pleased!

Hey, rebbi !

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Roy Johnson
Green Mountain Audio