Green Mountain Audio Chroma HX

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Do any of you have any experience with the latest iteration of Roy Johnson's Green Mountain Audio Rio stand mount? He's upgraded the crossover and internal wiring, and it's now called the Chroma HX.
Any impressions?

Thank you Steve, for your kind support and to the others as well!

To be clear: Your Chroma II’s were upgraded to Chroma HX-- the differences described on our website. And now your HX circuits and wires, and solder, and binding posts have received a special burn-in process.

While I cannot elaborate on the nature of the burn-in, it is the result of years of lengthy experiments based upon physics discussions of the ’nature of flaws in man-made devices’ with the designers of crossover parts, including wires, solder, and binding posts, and with the designers of drivers.

Steve, your speakers are still labeled "Chroma HX" on their backsides, but marked as ’burned in" in our logs. I don’t yet have a name for ’the process’.

Dave, who just posted his HX review here, also received this burn-in. It was put into production for all products earlier this year, and everyone has had the same reactions. I am probably the most surprised at the difference it made in the sound. I’m certainly glad you are pleased!

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I apologize for not proof reading my last article I inadvertently used listing for listening in my text twice. Steve Cochran.

what are their weaknesses? they can’t be perfect surely.
No matter how good you think they sound now, do you not think they would sound even better if those weaknesses were put right?

What green mountain audio is doing with these HX versions of their rios is they’re selling the same product with minor alterations under a different name.
This is nothing new. Many products that are sold, have packaging that changes over time even if the product remains the same.

The original Rio speakers suffered from a mid forwardness due to a improperly tuned crossover causing lobing.

This was subsequently addressed in their newer models that they called RIO II.

The HX versions are just for marketing reasons. There are no double blind tests to prove their claim that there’s any audible difference from better quality wires and components.

The other major problem with these speakers is the bass response. This has not been addressed in any of the various versions of the Rio