Green Mountain Audio's Calypso HD Speakers?

Anyone have any experience with these speakers?
They are one of only a few (Thiel, Vandersteen) brands that use first-order crossovers; however their crossovers seem to be vastly simpler than those of other brands. 
The literature and specs on their website are interesting, and the speakers and enclosures look great, but they use off-the-shelf drivers and seem to design their speaker around these drivers, rather than designing their own drivers (as Thiel did). A reinforced plastic basket and foam surrounds for the midrange driver may be a point for concern I think, but that's just based on reading the information on the company's website. 
It appears that GMA has only a handful of dealers in the U.S., even though it's U.S. based.
Anyone own or listened to these speakers?

Hi! I have had the privilege of owning Calypso's in my system for ten years now. I can tell you frankly that I have paired them up with many high end pieces and cables ( A.R.C. tube and transistor amps,P.S. audio perfect wave dac and transport and even the highly touted Lamm monobocks) and they have never once come up wanting.
 These speakers do what musical playback requires in that they are 3 dimensional sounding. Think space like Maggie's produce. Detail like electrostatics, and a floor hugging relationship with the bass. Both the minimalist first order crossover, and the marble organically shaped enclosures are I suspect, responsible here.
 Yes I agree that they are totally eye candy ( to my eyes) and like you I too had reservations about the drivers ( I was also intrigued by the design of the Thiel tweeter). However Roy has an ear for music and has damped out any resonances while leaving the natural detail and ambiance surrounding say----guitar strings and piano (piano solos are memorable).

 I have had many of Roy Johnson's speakers and they have all been very satisfying. I remember long ago the two way Europas and playing a Manley Stingray LOUD and sitting in the backyard and thinking " hey that sounds like the band playing in my house!"
 Call Roy. He is very approachable. He can explain better than I.
Thanks for the feedback on GMA speakers and your Calypso’s. I didn’t realize this model was around for ten years. GMA seems to have discontinued many of its  speaker models — the Calypos seem to be their main speaker. 
I was intrigued by the information on the website and about RJ’s design philosophy. I plan to look into these speakers.

I also own Calypsos - they are fantastic.  

The detailed response above may have you covered, but if you're looking for additional feedback, LMK. 

I've had several conversations with Roy about drivers and he's very particular in this regard.  The results speak for themselves.

I've also owned other smaller pairs of GMA speakers. 
I have a set of Callistos and have always wanted to listen to the Calypsos. If you have any questions, call Roy himself. He’s a great guy and will tell you even more than you probably want to know. 
Thanks for all the feedback guys.
I'm in the process of trying to decide next steps and find "the search" isn't as much fun as it was when I was much younger. I'm starting to think that staying with what I own now may be the best option-but that assumes that the bug I have now can be extinguished soon!