Green Mountain Europa and Gallo Reference 3

Just wondering... has anyone had a chance to compare the GMA Europas and the newish Gallo Reference 3. I have the Europas, which I love -- but I am intrigued with the Gallos.

I had a chance to listen to the Reference 3 at the HE2003 in SF. But then again it was show condition. They produced a very detailed, layered, extended and dynamic sound. I played some tracks from Mapleshade and Opus3 recordings and the plucked bass strings were very resonant and lively. The treble from brass instruments (big band) was nicely extended, at times quite thrilling. Choral music was produced with a deep and wide soundstage.
However, upon long listening, I started to notice a slight graininess in the upper midrange. This could be due to the pairing of electronics and cables (Mapleshade). I believe Gallo has done some modification to their tweeter since. I haven't heard the latest edition so can't vouch. I will seek to audition the Reference 3 again at the HE2004 SF. I'm sure Gallo will be present there.
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I have no experience with the Europas.