Green Mountain1.5si vs AP's Virgo II: Pros/Cons?

Green Mountain is a speaker company you hardly see ads or reviews about.Need input on their model 1.5si. How good is it in terms of bass response and soundstaging, coherence,etc?? Also,how do they compare to old Virgo II's which have gotten such critical acclaim on this website?? How are they different??. I have a medium to large living room 15X20 and also a high cuurent amp to drive either one. Thank you!!
I haven't heard the AP's, but did have the Green Mountain 1.5 in for an audition. Man are these great speakers. Completely coherent, wonderfully balanced, great top to bottom extension. The mid and tweeter "disappear" like great mini-monitors and offer a deep soundstage. Only reason I didn't buy them was because of the look of them. I listen in my living room and these things make a statement (size and appearance-wise) that was beyond what I was comfortable with in my room.

If I had a separate listening room, or listened in a basement or something, there's no question that I would have gotten them. But living in an apartment, and moving as frequently as I do, these speakers were just didn't match with my lifestyle.

FYI, when I auditioned them, I was using a Plinius amp. But I understand that they are quite tube friendly, too.

If you have the space, and don't mind the look of them, the GMAs are a definite audition.
I haven't heard the APs either, but I did listen to many speakers in my recent search... too many to mention (quite tiring). Anyway, I absolutely loved (and walked away with) the GMA 1.5s... fantastic speaker! Bass response sounds great to me... very tight and articulate. Maybe doesn't reach the lowest octave, but I'm not complaining. I listen to all kinds of music, and find this a very versatile speaker. Feel free to email me if you have questions.
I know the Virgo but NOT the GMA...:) Hopefully, someone has scored on both.

As always, feel free to email. Cheers