Greenville, SC

Audiophile looking to organize monthly or bi-monthly audio get-togethers in the Greenville, SC area. I am a former member of the Boston Audio Society and still stay in contact with many of them. Would like to develop same type of group here.
I moved to Charlotte, NC a little over one year ago from NJ. There, we had an audio club about 60-70 people strong. I miss that. I am very interested in being part of an audio club here in Charlotte or in the general area. In about 2 months my new audio room will be substantially complete. I will be happy to host a meeting or just a gathering every couple of months or more. Anyone interested?


My wife and I are currently looking at semi-retirement in NC and are visiting the Lake Norman area this spring to check things out. If we make the committment and move then I would be greatly interested in getting a local group together.

BTW - I was/am a member of the NY Rave, and the LI group as well.
My work and travel schedule is chaotic so sometimes plans change as they say but I'm in Greenville SC and would love to meet up with new audio-nut friends to enjoy some good music together. There's another one of us locally (Cymbop) as well; we've been trying to put something together but my schedule has been a challenge; hoping to get over that and hook up soon.
PTM: Be sure to look up Robert Taylor, longtime Audio Research & Vandersteen dealer near Lake Norman.
We live on Lake Wylie and so far we really enjoy living here. Please let me know when you are in the Lake Norman area. Hopefully my new audio room will be done and I can try to get others in the area for a music session.

Zephyr24069, Others,
Lets start planning some gatherings. Maybe we can start a list of interested people. I wouldn't mind having the first one here when my room is ready. I am about 5 minutes from the NC/SC boarder so Greenville can't be more than 1.5 hours away.