Grille Rattle.....HELP!!

I've got a set of Paradigm Monitor 9's which sound great except for when there's heavy bass and the covers (grilles) rattle. Is there something to put in the holders? Any tweaks?
Blue tac or similar sold in stationary depts of most department stores may work to secure the grills & usually can be easily removed ( test a smal area first )
Most speakers sound better with the grilles OFF (increased clarity/imaging). If this is possible aesthetically, and you don't have small children who like to poke their little fingers into speakers, I'd recommend it.
just get one or two cotton balls and pull apart a very small amount less than the size of a pencil head eraser, you determine depending on the depth of the hole that the grille pin goes in.If this don't work use silly putty or the other tips you received. In any case what your trying to do is make the grille pins a little bigger or the holes in the speaker a little smaller. Dave
the paradigms monitors and studios are designed to be used with the grills on and sound better with the others said, stick blue tack in the holes.