Grimm MU1 Roon Question

I've had my Grimm MU1 for over 6 months and it sounds great connected to my  new Bricasti M1S2.  I also have an Aurender W20SE in another system that has about 2.5TB of hirez music files stored on its SSD.  I had Roon setup for my MU1 to access the files stored on the W20SE. 

This worked well up until about a week ago and now I can't play those files through my MU1.  I think the IP address may have changed on my W20SE.  My W20SE is working fine in the other system on the same network.  I forgot how to set it up in Roon so that my MU1  can access files on the Aurender via my network.  Can anyone guide me on how to set this up again?  Thank you in advance.


Do you have a Windows computer?  I just figured out how to do it with one of those.

@smatsui just go to Roon's Settings, Storage. Click on the vertical ..., select Edit, Browse. You should see the Aurender'shared drive listed.

I've tried the above suggestions but for some reason it's not working.  Like I said before, it was working for the last 6 months until about a week ago.  I called my dealer who originally helped me set it up and he'll help me but he's in the middle of moving his store to another location so I'll just have to wait until he gets some free time.  Thanks for the suggestions!