Ground Isolation, removing sibelance.

Hello all,

Is there some 'safe' way to isolate service grounds, or cable TV grounding apparatus to overcome the unbearable attributes they can induce into a system?

biteing the bullet and having Verizon FIOS completely installed just today I've noticed once agin the bug a boo of induced sibilance raising it's ugly head in my music system. I'm almost positive the FIOS is the culprit... albeit the 'grounding' of it. I did already disconnect the 'battery back up' for the phone service portion... yet today after the install was complete and after several hours the 'ground loop' induced sibilence was definitely apparent.

As an all underground fiber optic network, my first thought was to simply disconnect their ground wire from the service pole ground. I just don't feel too good about going in that direction... especially if I can 'isolate' it electrically somehow and maintain circuit integrity and safety.

Anyone know who, what, and where, to remedy this issue?

thank you very much.
thanks a lot Bbaxley2

I got the part from Parts Express the other day and put it into the main cable feeding the house... things are far better now. That was of immense help. I didn't bother to pursue any other more expensive produtcs as the Parts Express item seems to have done the job. Thanks again, that noise/sibilance was killing me. the boxes Verizon supplied were also 'brandy' new and they needed to run in as well, so they were contributory factors too.

Now I've got to find out about what sort of strip/bar, ??? I can get to plug in a bunch of low voltage devices that will prevent anything they produce from getting back into the house' power supply.

I'd as soon not 'condition' my main devices if at all possible.. because conditioners change the sound.... just attend to those little transformered low voltage items instead. sort of something that acts like a 'one way' gate and traps/filters out any DC or harmonic interferences from finding their way past it and into the system. Something inexpensive... or at least less than a bunch.

Got any further ideas, or does anyone else?
i would guess a wire world power strip about 40.00 would be the best,as long as you put a good power cord on exspess does sale some furman strips that has worked for me check them out

Thanks, Bbaxley2. Will do. I think however instead of quieting things with a $40 - $50 strip + a $200 cord... I'll try to get a iso transformer or filltered strip... but it is most appreciated.

...and as I've been experiencing some intermittent outages recently with the FIOS optical media services Verizon is due to replace the main outside unit and router tomorrow AM... perhaps all along that's the bug. We'll see. Sure hope so.