Grounding cable gauge size

For those of you using external grounding source devices, units such as Entreq, Nordost, Synergistic, etc. What size wire gauge seems to work the best?




Thak you for the comment. Too me it is a never-ending quest for the best sound I can obtain/afford.



The Entreq box I own has 4 terminals and my DIY has 2 separate connections in one box. Entreq also makes units that have several independent sections in one box.


I use Entreq boxes for my Lumin and router. Now I have an Entreq ethernet cable with its own grounding box.

Their ethernet cable upped all of the Entreq positives you listed by several multiples.

I have never removed an Entreq box from my stereo after adding it. Never.

Atmasphere… your preamp especially your top-of-line model mp1 mk3.3 the phono stage Super Noisy as hell!  

it‘s got me beat why people play around with expensive ‘virtual earths‘ when you can make the real thing. Got an old radiator? Ham radio ops have been doing it for over a century.