Gryphon Diablo 300: at the top of Integrated Amps?

Is there any other amps I can look into that sound as good or more preferred to Gryphon's Diablo 300? 

I can think of two while I am writing this:
- Devialet 1000 Pro
- McIntosh MA9000

I appreciate getting feedback of people who heard/compared them. 

It's German, never heard of it.
I know this. At this level and for this kind of money I would want something very special. By the way, there is no need for 14 engineers, one is enough.
I own a Store in Los Angeles. Sunny Components Inc
Look at all the press we got from the LAAS and the accolades for the T+A Integrated Amplifier from the HV Series PA3100HV you can also in future add a power supply on this integrated.
Sounds absolutely amazing. $21,500.00 for $1500 you can add a Phono Stage.
I also love the Dan D Agostino Momentum Integrated Amplifier.
Audio Research makes a couple of amazing Integrated Amplifiers also the GSi75 has a DAC and Phono stage built in.
You must list all your equipment and audition the integrated in your system.

Many companies make great Integrated Amplifiers.
I've got Ypsilon, CH Precision, Ayre, Thrax, Aavik, Audionet, Rowland, Karan, Devialet and Norma here in Stockholm, Sweden who are all making wonderful products on different levels within the SS and hybrid segment. I've also had the Dartzeel 8550, Gryphon Diablo 300, Moon 700i etc. here earlier amongst others.

I'm happy to answer any question regarding these brands and their integrated offerings.

/ Marcus,

Stockholm's got good hi-fi places. Try to find them in Manhattan.
As I said, excellent sound and build quality should be a given at this level.