Gryphon Diablo 300 vs Vitus RI-101

   So I've been itching to upgrade my amp. I currently have: PS audio Directstream -> PS BHK preamp -> parasound JC1 -> Focal Sopra 2.
    I narrow down to these 2 candidates. Any one with experience with both int amps can comment on them?Thanks!!!
Yes Naim have a following, but they don't sound like what the OP wants that's a fact, they are far from neutral..
Thank you for letting us know your experience with the Naim. But at 35k, the NAP 500DR is abit pricy, especially knowing that there is a statement amp up there.
@dpac996 For me at this price point, the gear needs to be able to do all the things any music demand. I used to have 3 system, 1 of them is all tube with SET amp and high efficiency speakers, and for jazz, chamber and vocal it was awesome, but didn’t pass muster for anything else. Nowaday with this main sys, I need it to do all genres, in the best, realistic way with a hint of warmth, and awesome PRAT. I know people have different priorities with their system, for me this is approaching end game system.
BTW, I forgot to mention, I have dual Rythmik F12G Direct Servo sealed active subwoofers (the one with paper GR research woofer), I sometime don’t know if they are on or not as they integrate with the sopra so well, only when the low freq passage comes, then I get scared the neighbors would complain as it gets down to 20Hz. Tight, well integrated. Don’t get the sopra 3, get the sopra 2 + these subs!


A hint of warmth and awesome PRAT that would perfectly fit the description of Naim gears. I know the Naim 500 series separates will be way over your budget. Look for lower end Naim separates or integrateds with Naim streamer/DAC which will be way way cheaper than the 500 series separates. Or you should consider the Naim Uniti Nova ($7500) integrated with excellent built-in streamer/DAC that will achieve the sonic qualities you are looking for (hint of warmth with awesome PRAT and musical drive). The Uniti Nova has everything (streamer/DAC/integrated amp) and you can save on interconnects and power cords. Has built-in Tidal streaming app and is Roon ready. 

Never underestimate the power rating of the Uniti Nova of 80 wpc @ 8 ohms. the Nova will be able to drive any speakers, including your Sopra 2, effortlessly. What matters is current delivery, not mere power output ratings. The Nova's current delivery is stable down to low impedance loads and is effortless. The Nova will be sufficient to drive your Sopra 2 to the fullest. Unless if you have super power hungry speakers like the big Maggies or big Martin Logan electrostats eg Neoliths or the Renaissance, then you will need high powered big monoblock amps to power them. 

If you go with the Naim Uniti Nova, you can sell your PS Audio DirectStream DAC, BHK preamp and the JC1 monoblock amps and I bet you will have extra money laying around. 
Just my 2 cents.

But anyways I still think your current setup are awesome for your Focal Sopra 2. 

You mentioned earlier in your post that Naim has no present here in the US. That isn't true. 
Fyi, Naim has lots of dealers here in the US. Where do you live? I live in Seattle, WA and we have several Naim dealers here in the area (5 Naim dealers in our greater Seattle area), 3 in proper Seattle WA; 1 in Bellevue WA; 1 in Bellingham WA, 1 in Tacoma WA.
I don't post terribly often but thought I would as I have the Gryphon 300 and had the JC1s. I have also had the pleasure of the Pass 150.8 in my home. All 3 are really nice amps but each brings its own flavor. To me, the Gryphon 300 is a bottom up, big sounding amp yet it also has a really nice tone the high frequencies. I think it also has the best imaging. It's super easy to want to turn up the volume yet not have any fatigue. The JC1s are really even handed from top to bottom and don't seem to emphasize any one thing over another. For the price you can get a pair of them for, they are really hard to beat. They sound impressively better set to high bias and with updated cords. The Pass 150.8 really shined through the midrange but didn't sound as refined as the 300 at either frequency extreme. I've not heard the Vitus but when it sounds like their gear is best <50watts Class A. Beyond that and it seems like there are a lot of mixed reviews. 
FWIW - the 300 sounds so good that it has prompted me to start looking at its bigger brothers - hard to give it a better compliment than that!