Gryphon Diablo 300 vs Vitus RI-101

   So I've been itching to upgrade my amp. I currently have: PS audio Directstream -> PS BHK preamp -> parasound JC1 -> Focal Sopra 2.
    I narrow down to these 2 candidates. Any one with experience with both int amps can comment on them?Thanks!!!
David,   No, I think alot of people who are looking at these 2 amps are also looking at the T+A as well. I've heard alot of good thing about that int amp.
   Let us know what you think, especially comparing to Vitus.CheersBryan
@btbluesky   Okay. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to compare the T+A PA 3100 HV to the Vitus SIA025 though I would have loved to.

I did compare it directly and for an extended period against my own Pass Separates (XP20 and XA30.8) and my Lyric Audio Ti140 Mk2 as well as the MasterSound Evo 845 and Ypsilon's Phaethon Hybrid Integrated. 

Is there something specific I can address (since I can't respond to your request vis a vis Vitus)?
     Wow, so the T+A edged out the pass combo? Was it by a big margin? What aspects to you that the int amp does better than pass labs?
@btbluesky @supermerio

Here is a previous post that addresses your questions, from this thread >

01-17-2019 9:19am@denon1 The T+A PA 3100 HV has better control, has better resolving power (more insightful and nuanced), is more transparent, is more impactful and dynamic, is more natural in it’s warmth (surprising outcome here), has the edge in timing, presents voice (male and female) with greater realism, etc. etc.

A negative for me, was that in direct comparison, the Pass gear sounded grainy [in direct comparison only] and didn’t offer the level of insight, richness of texture and harmonics and musical density that the T+A does [in my system, per my preferences].

I clearly and easily preferred the T+A over the Pass duo and found it to be superior.

However, once I added the SR PowerCell 12 SE with the Galileo HC PC to my system, the Pass combo sounded fantastic. Had I added the SR power conditioner first, I would have been less driven to look for alternatives to the Pass combo. BUT the T+A also moved forward with the PowerCell 12 SE in system. Closer now, but I still prefer the T+A and continue to find it to be ahead of the Pass combo.

Reiterating: This is based on my system and my preferences and goals.

Please Note: I can see why another member would be very satisfied and happy with the Pass gear.

And I still own my Pass combo.

@btbluesky is there a darTZeel dealer in your area? (Where are you located?) darTZeel is how I'd spend my money in this category and is worth auditioning before making a decision.

- Colin

disclaimer: I'm a darTZeel dealer in Nashville, TN. I have an obvious financial incentive to tell you to buy darTZeel. I'm pointing this out because I think it's important to state biases and no one wants to hear another dealer vacuously pushing their wares. On the other side of that coin, I've personally evaluated most of the audio gear on the market and that experience informs the lines I represent and my recommendations.

Odds are I'm not in your region but I can help you find someone who is.