Gryphon Diablo 300 vs Vitus RI-101

   So I've been itching to upgrade my amp. I currently have: PS audio Directstream -> PS BHK preamp -> parasound JC1 -> Focal Sopra 2.
    I narrow down to these 2 candidates. Any one with experience with both int amps can comment on them?Thanks!!!
@btbluesky   Okay. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to compare the T+A PA 3100 HV to the Vitus SIA025 though I would have loved to.

I did compare it directly and for an extended period against my own Pass Separates (XP20 and XA30.8) and my Lyric Audio Ti140 Mk2 as well as the MasterSound Evo 845 and Ypsilon's Phaethon Hybrid Integrated. 

Is there something specific I can address (since I can't respond to your request vis a vis Vitus)?
     Wow, so the T+A edged out the pass combo? Was it by a big margin? What aspects to you that the int amp does better than pass labs?
@btbluesky @supermerio

Here is a previous post that addresses your questions, from this thread >

01-17-2019 9:19am@denon1 The T+A PA 3100 HV has better control, has better resolving power (more insightful and nuanced), is more transparent, is more impactful and dynamic, is more natural in it’s warmth (surprising outcome here), has the edge in timing, presents voice (male and female) with greater realism, etc. etc.

A negative for me, was that in direct comparison, the Pass gear sounded grainy [in direct comparison only] and didn’t offer the level of insight, richness of texture and harmonics and musical density that the T+A does [in my system, per my preferences].

I clearly and easily preferred the T+A over the Pass duo and found it to be superior.

However, once I added the SR PowerCell 12 SE with the Galileo HC PC to my system, the Pass combo sounded fantastic. Had I added the SR power conditioner first, I would have been less driven to look for alternatives to the Pass combo. BUT the T+A also moved forward with the PowerCell 12 SE in system. Closer now, but I still prefer the T+A and continue to find it to be ahead of the Pass combo.

Reiterating: This is based on my system and my preferences and goals.

Please Note: I can see why another member would be very satisfied and happy with the Pass gear.

And I still own my Pass combo.

@btbluesky is there a darTZeel dealer in your area? (Where are you located?) darTZeel is how I'd spend my money in this category and is worth auditioning before making a decision.

- Colin

disclaimer: I'm a darTZeel dealer in Nashville, TN. I have an obvious financial incentive to tell you to buy darTZeel. I'm pointing this out because I think it's important to state biases and no one wants to hear another dealer vacuously pushing their wares. On the other side of that coin, I've personally evaluated most of the audio gear on the market and that experience informs the lines I represent and my recommendations.

Odds are I'm not in your region but I can help you find someone who is.
Both the Gryphon and Vitus are great integrateds with different sound profiles.

From my experience, the Diablo 300 sounds a tad more forward, especially with the vocals in comparison to the Vitus. I felt the sound got a tad harsh in the highs at higher volumes on some soundtracks. Whereas the RI-101 sounds more organic, you could say it has more relaxed natural sounding vocals with crisp highs and deep powerful bass. It does not focus attention to a specific frequency but creates an overall pleasant listening experience.

When I compared the two, my personal favorite was the Vitus. It provided a sound I have been looking for a while in regards to accuracy of instruments and dynamics. I liked the Diablo but was on the fence with some sound tracks. If you like the sound of tubes, you may like the Vitus over the Diablo. To me it just feels more organic and lifelike without sacrificing crispness and resolution.
I agree with eziggy above in general.

Vitus RI-101 vs Gryphon Diablo 300; I just did a shoot out of both, in a domestic environment.  Only the amp was the variable, all other factors remained constant in the system.

If you like the Gryphon darkish, warmish, powerful house sound, go for it. It does not respond much to source or cable changes. The Gryphon character prevails, no matter what is connected to it. Its sonic character becomes the center of the system.

Vitus is more chameleon-like, and changes to a source or a cable is reflected in the sound. It responds to the partners that it is connected with. It is more "neutral" because it plays in and with the team. It does not call attention to itself even though it is a strong player, and plays its role very well.

Well, the above is just a comparison relative to each other.  Both amps need long warm-ups, especially the Vitus which only sounded good after one hour. (Both amps were not brand new amps, but well run in.)

Vitus RI-101 is my choice over the Gryphon Diablo 300. I am now a new fanboy of the Vitus sound. Jadis I-50 or I-88 will be my second choice after the Vitus. Gryphon comes in at number 3 for me.

PS-Audio BHK? Forget about it. Completely not in this league of amps at all.

 FWIW! ;-)

Since Covid, I had alot of time to evaluate my system, and ended up with BOTH sia025 mki and a pass x250.8 . Now they both beat my old JC1 easily, but between them I had a hard time with. Both are extremely capable but in different ways, sia025 is just more neutral, reserve, more grownup sound but very smooth. x250.8 introduced me to the pass sound, so colorful, full of life, and wild but in a good way. I’m keeping both for now, but this is my observation. PRAT wise both are extremely close, with the advantage goes to pass as its a class A/AB amp. However, keep in mind that my system's goal is wanting to lean more closely to be neutral as I use the system with movies/TV as well.
I also got the pass XA25 for my bookshelf, now that’s a 2A3/45 tube amp substitute if there ever was one.
Hi georgesallit325

Yes, it was the RI-101 Mk2 in the comparison. Great amp!!!
The shootout came about because a close buddy wanted to buy an integrated amp for his Magico S-series speakers. He has since bought the Vitus. I am happy for him!
The best way to evaluate audio components is in your own listening room.  Try to find a dealer that will allow you to demo their equipment at your location,  I encourage our customers to demo the equipment we represent at their location when possible.

Having just auditioned Vitus RS-101, RI-101 and the Gryphon Diablo (plus Pass 250.8) I have to agree totally with the reviewers above. The Vitus is much more refined than the Diablo and does not impart as much of its own character to the music (particularly midrange).

I tested both with the pre amps and without, given I noted a distortion in the Diablo with some music (mainly trumpets). So I also used my Chord Dave as preamp which solved that issue and gave a much clearer sound.

In the end I went with the RS-101 rather than the RI-101. Literature and reviews say they have the same amp construction, but not according to Hans-Ole. The RS has a "stronger provide better drive for difficult loads". He believes it does not change the sound, but I found it quite a bit better than the RI-101. Best to try both.

On my gear, room, etc not in the same class at all. I kept everything else constant - cables, music, etc.

Loss of detail compared to Vitus and seemed to attenuate both the highs and lows with a notable lack of bass in comparison to Gryphon and Vitus. Smooth mid range.

Took about 1.5 hrs to warm up enough. Surprised me that it was not competitive, because I have heard some great Pass set ups on friends' systems. They tell me Pass needs the Pass pre to work well, but I did not try that.

A little late to the party, and suggestions may be N/A by now, but if you are still looking to change the nature of your sound, you may also want to consider the Boulder 866 in that price range. Appears to lean more to the ’clean and clear’ camp like the dartzeel, than the bold and dark character of the Gryphon or [very] slightly veiled character of the Vitus. There are several vids on youtube of the Boulder 866 v. Vitus integrateds. Great set of choices !!

Before I tried the Vitus and Gryphon, my friend and I tried the Boulder 866 with DAC also at home with same partnering equipment. Well, Boulder is what Boulder is known for; quick, clean, clear, dynamic, drive... However I felt that harmonics were truncated. It didn't feel like listening to music. I felt like it was re-constructing the data in the source (the in built DAC) and then presenting it as "music".

It was the first amplifier that we eliminated from our shopping list.

Hi guys, i own a Diablo 300 since 1 year now paired with my Thiel CS 3.7s speakers.

Like some of you guys said in this thread the Diablo 300 is forward sounding and tends to be harsh when you raise the volume.

It is uber transparent, has a huge soundstage and has no problem handling my Thiel speakers in my medium size room.

I'd like to know if it would be worth trading in my Diablo 300 for a Vitus RI-101 mk2 ? or would that be a side move ?

Right now i don't have the budget to purchase separates even though it is planned for the future.

I have heard the Vitus RI-101 mk2 at a dealer's on different speakers, they were Joseph Audio Perspective 2 Graphene and liked the presentation very much.



@thieliste if you want an amp that isn’t forward sounding and harsh Vitus could be a good option for you.  From my experience the RI-101 mk2 is the complete opposite of those two things.  Very natural and organic no matter what the volume.

@eziggy Thanks yes the Vitus would probably do well, how about the T+A PA 3100 HV ?

I've seen a used one for sale would that be even better ?

A dealer is ready to lend me a Kora TB400 integrated to try out in my system.

Also i will see if i can find a Vitus SIA-025 on loan.

You probably just need more power for your Thiels - they are always harder to drive than most thing. 


we are a focal dealer we had jc1s on the floor and sell many superb high end lines


please feel free to contact us 


Dave and Troy

Audio intellect nj

Ok guys, found a dealer that is ready to lend me his demo Vitus SIA-025 Mk2.

This is supposed to be one of the most musical SS integrated in the world.

Stay tuned!

I'll be interested in your findings. I recently acquired an RI-101 Mk2 and think it's extraordinary on my Fyne F704s, though I do wonder how the SIA-025 might sound driving them. One thing is for certain: the RI-101 Mk2 is not lacking power. It is really a pretty remarkable amp.

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Hi all, I got experiance with gryphon and vitus but not exact models mentioned. 

Own Vitus ri100 now for last 6 months and not looking to make any changes soon, convert from separates and was on quest for years to find Vitus, hands down. Previously own Gryphon Atilla which is pre version of diablo 120. I was impresed with gryphon slam and overall performace but noticed that preamp section was the wick link as I bypass it and only use its power aplification section with hegel P30 as preamp for some time. That combination was very good or sruning I should say but when i got my hands on rs100 (power amp) I was immediately taken on with realizm and smooth presentation, like best of two words ss and tubs. Then I managed to get hands on freshly serviced ri100 unit and I must tell I did not think I ever get rid of Hegel P30 but this integrated unit just blowed away any previous configuration. Soundstage, image, details, transaprency everything just got on to next level. 

I haven’t post my journey for awhile as op.

So Originally I had JC1+ARC LS preamp. Alright, but the pre was giving too much gain, and ARC pre to me unless reference, it’s just low price/performance.

Then I got the BHK pre, was not expecting much, at first it sounded only decent to me, but seeing alot of people like it after tube rolling, got myself some new issue gold lion, wow....completely different preamp. Still leaned toward warm side, but very energetic and abit wild, loved it.

Then things got interesting; managed to get a SIA-025 mkI, buttery smooth, holographic presentation, does everything. Truly I can see why they say it’s the best int-amp in the world, tons of reserve power.

Covid hitted, moved to somewhere I have more space, manage to build another system, got a hold of a pass x150.8 to try out, wild pleasing sound, needles never moved no matter how much I cranked it up (meaning it never leaves class A, for X series). Put back the BHK, yes everything is in place. I will not say its better than SIA-025, but it’s such a interesting wild holographic sound, even watching chick-flicks with this sys is interesting.

Will never get rid of the SIA-025 tho, the sound is more polite, but smooth velvety and subtly beautiful.

This is just my SS stuff, I have a whole set of tube SET mess my SO hates going on the side as well......

This is a great thread and is very useful for someone such as myself looking at a 2nd tier SS integrated.  This is a follow up question re. Vitus.  Is it a waste to buy an SIA-025 (Mark 1 or 2) if I’m never going to use the low output class A output?  Would I be better off with an RI-101 or RS unit?

 It does not respond much to source or cable changes.

?! My D300 responded very well to a better power cord.

I preferred the Diablo 300 over the Vitus RI101mkII, better looking too.

I have to agree with @supermerio, i owned the Diablo 300 for a year and the Vitus SIA-025 Mk2 for more than a year and recently demoed a Jadis DA88S equiped with 8 KT120s.

The Jadis easily outperformed both the Gryphon and the Vitus in my system.

This was a big surprise for me even if i still like my SIA-025 Mk2.

I guess it is system dependent but with my speakers tubes amps bring things to a whole new level and i have demoed very expensive SS amps in the past.

@thieliste Yes it is system dependent. Thiel speakers can sound a bit bright and aggressive with the ”wrong” amp.

Both Diablo 300 and Vitus 101mkII are great sounding amps….but perhaps not the best match with Thiel speakers.