Gryphon vs. D'Agostino

To anyone who has had the opportunity to hear both, please compare and contrast the latest Gryphon and D'Agostino amplifiers.
Gryphon vs. D'Agostino

I love both to drive the very hard loads of most Wilsons, especially the Alexia .9ohm (epdr) in the lower bass.
My money (if I had it) would be  on the Gryphon Antillion Evo or better. As these do the doubling of wattage thing (an indication of current ability)  better.
And these also have user adjustable Class-A bias on the fly up to 100w class-A 

Cheers George
As these do the doubling of wattage thing (an indication of current ability) better.
What are you talking about?
What are you talking about?

Most Wilsons need an amp with good current ability, an indication of an amp to give good current is it’s ability to almost double it’s wattage for each halving of load impedance, from 8 down to 4ohms


The Gryphon Antillion will do this better almost doing these doubling figures. And as I said it also has the benefit of user adjustable Class-A up to 100w on the fly while listening.

Cheers George
Yes, I did just buy a D'Agostino S-250. And I Love It!! The problem is I have friends. Lol One friend, in whose ears I trust says he prefers the VTL S-400 II over the S-250 on Wilson speakers. Then another acquaintance suggested that the new Gryphon stuff might be best of all. I'm planning a trip to Omaha soon to hear all three in the same room, with the same speakers. Should be interesting...