Gryphon vs. D'Agostino

To anyone who has had the opportunity to hear both, please compare and contrast the latest Gryphon and D'Agostino amplifiers.
Yes, I did just buy a D'Agostino S-250. And I Love It!! The problem is I have friends. Lol One friend, in whose ears I trust says he prefers the VTL S-400 II over the S-250 on Wilson speakers. Then another acquaintance suggested that the new Gryphon stuff might be best of all. I'm planning a trip to Omaha soon to hear all three in the same room, with the same speakers. Should be interesting...

Looking forward in reading your report- imgoodwithtools.

Safe travels and have fun.

Happy Listening!


D'Ag does exactly the same thing.  My M400s:

400 watts @ 8Ω
800 watts @ 4Ω
1,600 watts @ 2Ω

No need to adjust anything, sounds amazing the way it is.

Here are the actual independent tested results of the D'Agostino's amps

405W into 8 ohms
640W into 4 ohms 
1115w into 2 ohms

Not doubling as manufacturer specs want you to believe above, but still every respectable, for an idea of current ability.

No test yet to find on the Gryphon Antillion Evo's just the manufacturers propaganda, if you can believe them again.
150w- 8ohm Class-A

Cheers George

I don't know where you're getting your numbers from but the M400 delivers power significantly in excess of that. From the Hi Fi News review:

In practice it bests this by some margin at 430W/8ohm and 810W/4ohm with a dynamic output of 475W, 940W and 1775W into 8, 4 and 2ohm and with a scary 3010W (that’s 55A) into 1ohm

So there's no question about the M400's ability to deliver monster current in excess of the listed specs.

And as you said, if we've not seen independent Gryphon measurements we really have no idea how it stacks up in the real world.

I trust measurements, not specs. I bought the M400s knowing exactly what I was buying.