Gryphon vs. McIntosh

I just try to get as much information as I can for my next upgrade, so I'm turning here for help from you. With a lot's of reading and also hearing some I came to the selection of a couple of very fine integrated amplifier which are in close line up for my upgrade. But as you all know that auditions are sometimes hard to get I'm also opening this with which I want to get also voice from users that have some of the components mentioned here.

My system consists from main speakers that are Anthony Gallo Reference 3.5 and source mostly used is Musical Fidelity NuVista 3D CDP connected with Cardas Golden Cross ICs.

Here are the amps on the shortlist:

- McIntosh MA7000 (heared on SF Electa Amator II)
- Gryphon Atilla (not heard yet)
- Gryphon Diablo (not heard yet)
- Gryphon Tabu (a bit old but so good; I tested it on my previous system)

So here are some questions for those who maybe have a bit more experiences and chances to some of these amplifiers.

1. Did anybody hear McIntosh MA7000 and compare to any of these above mentioned amplifiers or also maybe other amplifiers that you heard during your time of selection? Why you choose MA7000 or why did you not go for it?

2. For those who have McIntosh MA7000, how do you find the equalizer controls on this fine amp? Do you use it to achieve your likeable sound or you completely disable it? I know that some will strongly support that best is not to use it, but I think that if equalizer controls are constructed the right way they can be in some circumstances also positive.

3. Did anybody audiotion new series of Gryphon amps (Diablo or Atilla) and compare it to older gryphons e.g. Gryphon Tabu? Just to tell you Gryphon Tabu went deeply under my skin when i heard it on my previous speakers, but I'm a bit scared to buy it as it is coming into ages now so you newer know what you can get if you go for the second hand.

4. If you had a chance to compare McIntosh MA7000 or also other McIntosh amps with Grpyhon please come forward with your thoughts.

What I'm looking for, full bodied sound, good control and music with guts :), absolutely should not be bright, sound can be a bit on a dark or warm side.

Many questions I know, but I sure you will make a great help to me and maybe also some other ppl who are also in the doubts where to look for more details.

thanks, del.
I second that. The Mcintosh Ma 7000 is over price and you are paying for looks and longevity. This units reminds me of Mark Levinson 383. Integrated. Dull but it's pretty. It's like looking at nice picture instead of being part of the picture. No emotion and the power is weak until it's turn up to 2 o clock.
Overpriced in comparison to what? Emotiva? Outlaw? Maybe you should look at it from the other side, and compare its relative value to brands like Soulution, Burmester, Constellation etc.; and then decide just what that last 5% of performance is worth.
I have spent 3-4 hours by myself with a full Gryphon system (i.e. Mirage pre-
amp, Colosseum stereo power amp, and the Trident speakers) in a room with
which I am rather familiar. The sound was good, but certainly not worth the
asking price, i.e. I have heard a few systems (some significantly cheaper
some similarly priced) sounding better in that room.

Gryphon tries to project the impression of a very pretentious company.
However, IMO they are trying too hard to get attention. Plus, there is a lot of
controversy around them. We have the story about the USA dealer/reviewer,
and we also have the story about the Tabu integrated which was sold also as a
NAD Silver line integrated (at half the price if not less than half). Furthermore,
as other have hinted already, the fact that they are "active" here on Audiogon
(i.e. an American forum for selling 2nd hand hi-fi) and talk here about their
Croatian dealers while they do not have a USA distributor is also not helping.

I find some of their products quite beautiful (e.g. the Colosseum amps).
However, some of their products are really silly (e.g. the remote of the Mirage
pre which instead of being design to be held in one’s hand has feet….).
Overall, I do not think it is a bad company, certainly not, but it would not be
my first choice.

I am perhaps interested in buying an Gryphon Tabu.

My system consists of an Vincent SV234 integrated amp, my speaker are Infinity Renaissance 90's, i use an Revox B795 turntable with Jolida JD9 phon pre.

Streaming is done via my modified SB Touch connected to an Audio GD SA2 dac.

Will the Gryphon be an potential upgrade and will it give more current to the speakers?

My music preference is basically very broad. But has an focus on Jazz and Classical music. Looking forward to your input?

How is the reliability of this amp now?
I would not buy the Tabu for two reasons: 1) is rather old, and 2) it is cheaper to buy a NAD Silver line S300 integrated amp (also rather old) which seems to be the same integrated as the Tabu but with a different cover.

I also know that it is rather difficult to adjust the volume level from the remote control, e.g. the slightest push of the volume buttons on the remote will make a quite large change in music volume. (I did not own this integrated, but a good friend of mine did and he complained to me about this the whole year he has own it. On the other hand, the Tabu sounded quite nice when driving the Focal Micro Utopia Be speakers of my friend.)