Guess How Big My Speakers Are

If you read any of my threads on here or looked at my virtual system you probably already know the answer to this question, but for those who have not, try this as a thought exercise. Given this plot alone how big a speaker do you think this is?

Frequency response plot showint extension to 20 Hz



  • 2’ from sides, 1.5’ from rear
  • Ported
  • Not horns
  • No EQ applied. This is the natural in room response using short sine sweeps.
  • For a living room this is a well treated room with GIK soffit traps, bass traps and diffusion panels strategically placed.

I’ll reveal my answer if we get 5 guesses or more. :)


I believe you have some Monitor Audio or Wharfdale floor standing speakers?

Not that it matters that much, but my distances for the speakers and listening location were off. 


8' apart, center to center, and 8' from the plane of the speaker's to the microphone  location.