Guilty pleasure of the month

My nephews gave me Peter Frampton's Best of FCA!35 collection for Christmas. While I was a huge fan of Frampton Comes Alive in high school, I felt like he got way over exposed and I haven't listened to him in years. This has been a refreshing discovery- high quality, crisp, clean, live recording. Frampton is a great guitar player and this set has been a fun blast from the past for me.
I like the old Frampton albums. I'm also pretty impressed with the person he appears to be. He still has a lot of fun playing and sits in with modern artists from time to time. He doesn't appear to be too caught up in his former glory or to take himself too seriously.
maybe it's those curly locks, or the permanent brain damage resulting from hearing "i'm in you," but i never got into frampton's solo stuff. however, early humble pie (town and country/ as safe as yesterday) is really good, timeless stuff, as is "rockin the fillmore," which showcases a ton of his really fluid guitar playing--i like that he avoided the predictable, hoary blooz cliches of his brit peers.