Guilty Pleasures?

U know what I mean. Songs, albums or even artists that u like but can't really be serious about. Stuff that may make your friends cringe. But nevertheless, despite your main tastes lie eslewhere, u still enjoy.

Here are a few to get things started. By the way I luv jazz, blues, funk and rock...Don't be shy!

ABBA; Dancing Queen
Tom Jones: Its Not Unusual
everything by KC & The Sunshine Band
Wild Cherry: Play That Funky Music
Janet Jackson: What Have U done For Me Lately?
Glen Campbell: Rhinestone Cowboy
Christine Aguilera: Beautiful
DREAD ZEPPELIN!!! Yee-ha, I thought I was the only one who'd ever heard of them! I can see how it all happened. A bunch of musicians sitting around and someone says Black Dog, someone says Hound Dog, someonme says Heartbreaker, someone says Heartbreak Hotel, then they run with it. They are pretty good musicians, too.
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Ditto on the Dread Zeppelin! I have about 30 Hawkwind albums but can play them only when I'm alone. The uninitiated just don't understand. Also Rosemary Cloney and country yodeling.
Gotta give it to Dread Zep.

If you're into Bluegrass, check out Luther Wright & the Wrongs rendition of "The Wall" titled "Rebuild the Wall". Not as bizarre as Dread Zep but fun to play.

check this out
Carpenters -- OH, that voice!
Anything by Burt Bacharach
Neil Diamond
Bob Seger--Live Bullet (Nutbush rocks!)