Guilty Pleasures?

U know what I mean. Songs, albums or even artists that u like but can't really be serious about. Stuff that may make your friends cringe. But nevertheless, despite your main tastes lie eslewhere, u still enjoy.

Here are a few to get things started. By the way I luv jazz, blues, funk and rock...Don't be shy!

ABBA; Dancing Queen
Tom Jones: Its Not Unusual
everything by KC & The Sunshine Band
Wild Cherry: Play That Funky Music
Janet Jackson: What Have U done For Me Lately?
Glen Campbell: Rhinestone Cowboy
Christine Aguilera: Beautiful
hey mitch, i just did the dr john thing last night, you gotta love that funky beat.

French-Canadian actress/singer Carole Laure. Her albums "Alibis" and "Hold On" are pretty good. Kinda like a French Marianne Faithfull at her better moments. Also, it doesn't hurt that she's gorgeous!
Mike, did he still have that skull on the top of the piano? Some of the stuff is a little repetitive, but the overall is well worth it, that old dude can really play. A personal favorite is his covers of Duke Ellington tunes, on a disc called Duke Elegant. Glad you enjoyed the show. -Tim
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