Guitar player? , What model do you own or play?

Just wondering if there are any guitar players here, including the once-every-third-weekend-for-5-minute types ?

What make or model do you play?
Gibson Explorer Reissue from the early 70's, American Standard Fender Strat, 1978 Fender 12 string acoustic, Fender classical acoustic. Fender quad tube amp, Marshal practice amp, full PA system with an 8 channel Roland ADAT. Also a 7 pc. Pearl export drum kit. I have been goofing around with a Reason 2.0 virtual recording studio, the older version but it's quite incredible.
I Play pretty much every day except when the tendonitis gets bad. been playin in bands on and off for about 30 yrs, currently have 2 going.

The Gibsons

76 explorer
81 blonde 335 dot
82 korena Moderne
91 custom shop firebird VII kelly green
97 L-5 CES

Epiphone emporer regent
64 strat reissue 40 yr anneversary model

Amp: Dr Z Prescription 2x12
Keys Kurzweil k2600s

The ones that got away:
- 1963 reverse firebird I with no bird on the guard. The best playing piece i've ever owned but limited tonally. almost sold it to Tommi Shaw (Styx) but he wanted a 2 pickup and din't want to cut it up. Pretty cool of him.
- 1965 firebird V non reverse in gold mist
- 78 les paul standard.
- ES 125 tdc with two p-90's
- early 70's/late 60's ampeg v-2 half stack...what a monster rig.
I just started... Still looking for a good teacher in the DC area. But, I just picked up a new re-issue Gibson ES-335 (Royal Street Blue) and a little 5W Gibson tube amp...