Guitar playing audiophiles, Martin or Taylor?

My "other half" is exploring the stress releiving effects of playing acoustic guitar. She's a great woman! She actually convinced me to buy a pair of Rowland model 9 monos w bps, instead of a boat. Thats my girl! Anyway, shes been playing for 1.5 yrs. Its a toss up between Martin ???? Koa wood, Taylor 314ce, Takamini GS330s, and a Tocoma???sound hole on top!!! All these models can be had "used" for around 900.00 All replys welcome, thanks Scot
The Martin is a sweet guitar, with warm, rich, kind of tube-like tones. I've never heard a guitar quite match a good vintage Martin in those areas yet. That said, some of the larger ones can be uncomfortable to play for long periods. I picked up a rosewood Larivee Parlor guitar lately and am enjoying it daily. it's small, very portable, and has the kind of tone that keeps you involved and playing.
i like acoustics with indian rosewood sides,very bright and punchy and notes are fave.....prefer that over mahogany(slightly darker)..
taylors are very very nice guitars,prolly the only ones i play when i visit the guitar centre.
Neither. I will only play electrics! G&L's and PRS's! Here's a link to some of my music, too:
Crazy you need to expand your horizons dude. Country swing, and blues, especially slide, on an acoustic archtop is the shit. You can coax way more tone out of an acoustic than out of an electic and the hand control you pick up will help your electric tone. ANd on a more practical side you can always use the excuse "but honey i NEEED and acoustic" when the wife starts complaining that the guitar collection is reaching critical mass
I own several guitars including a Martin J40 and a Taloyr 512. The Marting has always been my favorite. It has a beautiful tone