Guitar playing audiophiles, Martin or Taylor?

My "other half" is exploring the stress releiving effects of playing acoustic guitar. She's a great woman! She actually convinced me to buy a pair of Rowland model 9 monos w bps, instead of a boat. Thats my girl! Anyway, shes been playing for 1.5 yrs. Its a toss up between Martin ???? Koa wood, Taylor 314ce, Takamini GS330s, and a Tocoma???sound hole on top!!! All these models can be had "used" for around 900.00 All replys welcome, thanks Scot
I play a Martin D-16GT and enjoy it. It is one of the "lower priced" models but I don't think I got ripped off. If you do decide to go with a Martin you should be able to get a substantial discount - don't pay list!

Like everyone else has said, it is a personal preference. Play lots of guitars and choose what sounds best to you.
I have a Martin D25 Koa (1983) that got wrecked in a car accident back in 1996. I had an authorized Martin luthier piece it back togehter with a D45 neck and snowflakes on the fingerboard, volute etc. It sounds better than it did befor eth accident. I have played Taylors but the feel is not as supple as the Martin, though I like the brighter tone of the Taylor; it feels more like Gibson. Also I am fond of Seagull. I'll stick to the Martina and will probably make a D35 my next acoustic if and when I have the bux.
Golly, this makes me wonder about what a particular Linn/Honest Records artist uses:

What kind of guitar does Martin Taylor play?

Gags aside this is a good example for the smaller manufacturers as Martin used to play his own model Yamaha when they were paying him bucket-loads of cash to do so but has since moved to a small luthier Mike Vanden in the late 90's and with Mike designed the Vanden Martin Taylor Artistry and an acoustic model which I believe is called the Gypsy.
I'm a Martin guy, but, like a bunch of others have mentioned above, DO NOT buy a guitar without letting your wife play it first. They all sound and play differently from each other, even same model/brand.

If you want something really inexpensive that plays very well (well, I thought so, anyway) look for a Garrison. Interesting design, which produces good results IMHO.

Once you have the guitar picked out...then you get to choose strings.