guitar question

As a budding audiophile as well as a novice guitarist, I wonder why electric guitars and amps do not run balanced. It seems that it would be an ideal situation to reap the benefits of balanced operation (relatively long cable runs).

Also has anyone ever rigged up an audiophile cable in general from their guitar to their amp and amp to cabinet? I have a very nice rig [ 1)Diezel VH-4 head and cabinet with celestions 2)2002 McNaught vintage single cut with white korina body/ neck, quilted maple top, brazilian rosewood board 3) 1993 Paul Reed Smith CE24 with alder body, flame maple top, maple neck], and neither on their websites or on any online forums have I ever heard of anyone exploring these options.
I've been using a Tara Labs Decade cable for my Fodera bass for about five years now with great results. Improved frequency response across the entire spectrum. A much more punchy sound.

Audience also makes a line of MI cables you should check out. I have one of those too. Not as full sounding as the Tara, but might work really well for guitar.
I met someone with a Fodera five string. It had a DEEP cut-away...nice.