Guitar's...what do the audionuts play?

I have a Larrivee LSV-11 and put a downpayment on a Paul Reed Smith Custom "24" with a burled "10" top(Emerald Green).
I have my '77 strat with EMG's that I've kept around since I was 15. It was really junk, but my mother bought it for me, so I can't get rid of it.
I'm using an '83 Mark IIC Boogie that I bought brand new.
'96 custom shop blond '57 Strat reissue, '90 Gibson ES335 (with really nice figured/translucent cherry), a couple of mid-'80's jap. tele's, '93 Taylor 710,'94 HD28, a deluxe reverb, a really cool Rivera Stereo 120 tube combo with JBL's
Seagull M6. Proudly made in Canada, I also own a 1962 Gretch single anniversary, It has a small seperation in the body behind the neck joint so I don't play it. I thought about selling it but haven't made up my mind
Wow... What a great selection of guitar players!
We are all nuts in multiple ways!!!
I have a Larrivee L-09 for fingerpicking and Suzuki Takeharu for slide.
I also play Suzuki Bluesmaster, but not that often anymore.
At one point I had a Les Paul Custom, black with the gold hardware, a 335, a Les Paul Standard Tobacco Sunburst Finish, an HM Strat, a Washburn N4, and an Ovation acoustic-electric. I've downsized to just the HM Strat and the Washburn; the Les Pauls just got too heavy for me.