guitar solos where less is more

Looking for brilliant guitar solos, with the quality of the notes chosen and not the quantity...blues, rock and jazz
on dwight twilley's "i'm on fire" there's an incredible three-second guitar break (shortest on record?). on the same lp, sincerely, check out the solo on the title track, which always brings tears to my eyes.
Kjweisner and Sounds_real_audio:
The Sacred Sources cd I mentioned in my post contains the only live version of Riviera Paradise by SRV and is why I recommended it.
Ry Cooder - Paris, Texas
Michael Timmins - Blue Moon Revisited from the Trinity Sessions
Mick Jagger - Heaven from Tattoo You
David Hidalgo - Forever Night Shade Mary from The Latin Playboys self-titled
Robbie Blunt - Big Log from Robert Plant's The Principle of Moments
Lou Reed - Beginning of a Great Adventure from New York
John Fogerty - The Old Man Down the Road from Centerfield
Pat Metheny - Travels from Travels
Have not read all the input her thus far, but enthusiastically second David Rawlings and Michael Timmons. Would add, Rory Block, Ricard Buckner, Tim Reynolds, Jeffrey Foucault, Patti Larkin...can probably come up with more, but those come right to mind.

Hey, not to hijack the thread, but I did a search and I cannot find any new threads that are offering an outlet for comments on this newly formatted website. Can anyone point me to one, or have none been actually posted....or? Audiogon has pointed to a blog that is strictly informational and does include a link to 'reply' but offers no replies within the blog. Sorry if I'm missing the obvious, but I find this new format very difficult to navigate. I've heard from three friends thus far and all three are less than happy (and I'm being very polite given their responses which is similar to my own) with the new format. I realize it is in Beta, but would like to think they'd be interested in community feedback. Perhaps I'm wrong.
Jax2 - I'm with you on the Beta. In keeping with the spirit of this thread...perhaps less is more?