Gustard A 26 I2S input

A lot of nice things being said about the Gustard A 26 DAC.  Has anybody some knowledge of this gear, especially as regards its I2S input?   My issue is:

1)  I have an Oppo 105 disc player. This has an HDMI output that transmits CD, DSD and high resolution PCM  (BluRay and DVD-A standards). 
2)  Gustard A 26  has  an  HDMI input, configured to I2S.  
3)   I fully understand that a simple HDMI cable between Oppo and Gustard would not work.
4) I am asking whether anybody knows/ can recommend, a  digital-to-digital converter HDMI-I2S that would enable my Oppo to transmit to the Gustard??
5)  I have seen on internet (EBay) that such items exist, but  they all say that the I2S standard can change from company to company and product to product.  Some say that their converter is compatible with PS Audio standard.  Is Gustard A 26 the same? 
In other words, can you inform me of a digital-to-digital  HDMI-to-I2S converter that would  function with the Gustard A26?     Much appreciate any help.




You may wish to contact Alvin Chee at Vinshine Audio.

He is the distributor for Denafrips.

Denafrips Hermes or Gaia DDC both feature Toslink and Coax digital inputs and I2S outputs.  Vinshine should be able to tell you if their product is compatible with Gustard HDMI pin configuration. 

However, be warned, that if your goal is to utilize Gustard DAC to handle SACDs, neither Toslink or Coax outputs will support the DSD stream, and you would be limited to the redbook layer of a hybrid SACD.  

To utilize Gustard DAC to play SACD DSD stereo layer would require something like the Geerfab D.BOB (digital breakout box).  D.BOB takes HDMI as input, and outputs via Toslink or Coax, which then could be fed into Gustard DAC (or a compatible DDC ahead of the DAC in order to get to I2S).  DSD is then handled by Gustard as DOP (DSD over PCM).  

Note that most DDCs only handle USB as input, and that only the more expensive DDCs such as Denafrips Hermes and Gaia handle inputs other than USB.





HDMI is not i2s.

i2s is not HDMI.

To my knowledge no commercial "converter" exists since the market is minimal for such a dope device.

Need to move up to the more pricey ddcs as said above. I’ve been looking also. Gotta spend to get that at the moment.