Gustard R26 on sale

SHENZHENAUDIO is having a big 11.11 sale from now thru 11/12, so the Gustard R26 is discounted from $1650 to $1402 in case it’s been on your radar.  Many other  products likewise on sale.  Just fyi. 


Try to find a US distributor. It cost me 240 plus duty to get the famous Musitec Dac back to them. They also wanted to charge a re-stocking. 

I was looking at the sale.  The 2 comments were very brief and didn’t elaborate.  If the R26’s are defective, can you explain how?  On the Musitec, was it defective?  If so, what was wrong with it?  Did you pay duty to receive it, send it back or both?  Was return shipping $240?

My recent post showing the Gustard R26 on sale was removed by a moderator with no reason given, yet this post remains. I would like to know why moderator.