Gustard R26 on sale

SHENZHENAUDIO is having a big 11.11 sale from now thru 11/12, so the Gustard R26 is discounted from $1650 to $1402 in case it’s been on your radar.  Many other  products likewise on sale.  Just fyi. 


Purchased the R26 on 5/25. Recently they went on sale for 10% off. I sent an email to Shenzenaudio requesting the sale price, and they refunded me $178.19 today. "Stand Up" sellers!

Build an audio system with a key component (e.g., DAC) desinged and made in China is no different from buying electronics at Walmart.

I guess I need to start shopping at Walmart now.  I own a Gustard R26 and this is one fine DAC no matter who makes it.  Build quality, features, sound quality, price it is 🤯