Gustard R26

Is anyone else looking forward to the reviews coming out on the Gustard R26 r2rDac? I am interested to see if it can compete with the Holo Spring at a lower price point. How will it stand up to the other r2r dac’s out there right now. It does present well and is feature rich right out of the box. Is it a true proprietary resistor board or is it off the shelf and tweaked? I know the other Gustard equipment is well received and liked so my hopes are high for this as well.


I currently have the Gustard A-26 on loan for the weekend, my first experience with this brand used in a speaker based system TeKton Moab speakers , Boulder 866 integrate with DIY server , the Gustard is really quite good bang for the buck I could live with it. 


there are reviews that compare the A26 with the R26. It all comes down to which sound you like. If you like the delta sigma sound then the A26 is nice. If you like the r2r sound the the R26 is nice. Both offer great sound and option for their price points. I know from first hand that the R26 responds very well to tweeks and upgrades to allow it to compete with dac’s in the $5000 and $6000 range. Will be interesting to see if the A26 returns the same results from the tweeks. Enjoy the music and ignore the noise from the trolls.

SGreg you could be sort of right about the Gustard dac competing against dacs in the 5-6K my buddy with the Boulder 866 integrate and TeKton Moab speakers is happy with the Gustard for now , he bought the Gustard just to get him through a transition period until he made his mind up over integrates and possibly separate dac.
We listened to a Boulder digital 866 model with built in dac he borrowed from a dealer wether it was just better compatibility compared with analog Boulder with the Gustard the digital Boulder was clearly better sounding. 
In any case I think it would be interesting to hear the Gustard with clock I can have his A26 for $900.00 clocks I’ve looked at ranging in prices from $200.00 to 1500.00 who knows it looks like fun to me with little investment.



I bought the Gustard A26 a couple weeks ago for one of my headphone setups. I wanted to see what all the hype is about....

For wifi I have good results with this basic bridge:


Anyway I thought it sounded very good and well built. Very punchy and good width of sound stage. Then I swapped for one of my Denafrips R2R DACs and realized I need to return the A26. R2R is so much more organic sounding and much better soundstage.

I'll give the R26 a try instead to see how it compares. 

But Gustard did a good job with these. I like the style of the A26 better than the R26. Good value for what you pay for them. 

System matching is important but if you really want to compare the sound quality of DACs try listening to them thru a good headphone amp. It gives you a lot more detail that can be lost in room acoustics with speakers.