Gustardx26 pro vs RME ADI2FS

Was wondering why the gustard has 2 toroidal transformers and the rme gets way without one?

How does the transformer enable and how does it effect SQ?

seems like you haven’t the foggiest idea what you are talking about, and your comments are confusing matters

transformers can be used at a dac's analog output to shape the sound (similar to when low output phono cartridges’ output can be run through a phono grade transformer in order to raise the miniscule output level into a preamp, but the transformer used in this way will alter the sonic presentation in addition to boosting the voltage level of the cartridge)

neko audio and lumin, among others, are also known to use small, high grade transformers in their dac sections for specifically this purpose, to shape the sound of the analog output, trying to make the units sound more ’analog’, so to speak

transformers are of course also used in power supply sections of amplifiers, and dacs to supply and regulate dc power sent to active sections of units

separately, different transformers can be used in tube power amps to match the high output impedance of the output tubes to the speakers that the amps are meant to drive

but this latter use of transformers is fundamentally different than how they are used in dacs

RME is so well engineered it works as both a preamp and DAC.

Do we even need to get into warranty, website and support? 
Gustard can't match and doesn't come close. 

With great performance, we haven't even touched on the free upgrades to the hardware using a simple software tool. 

The RME kills and won't be a stranded ashtray in a year or two.
Just say'in. 

No, I know what I’m talking about. @recluse was trying to show that transformers make a difference in sound - except that the Gustard has transformers only in the power supply. Hence, they can’t really ’shape’ the sound as you say since they have nothing to do with the output stage. All the links he was posting discussed transformers in the output stage, *not* the power supply.

Yes, I know that transformers can be used in the output stage even in solid stage designs. I don’t think they belong there, though. But you know, different strokes, etc.

Do you guys actually read posts, or do you just randomly post stuff in response?
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