H20 Revisited

I've come across several glowing reviews of the H20 M250s and S250 from a few years ago, but haven't found much additional feedback over the past 12-18 months.

Are there still satisfied owners out there? Has anyone auditioned the amps recently? Do they still stand out against the alternatives in the price/class range?

I'm narrowing down a list of SS amplifiers to audition and would love to hear if the H20s are still at the head of the class.
I have had my S250S four years now without any problems. It is very sensitive to power cord and IC changes, actually I can hear any change I make quite easily.

I recently aquired a tube preamp and like the sound much better than the SS pre I have. IMO this is a very neutral amp with enough power for most speakers.


Glad to hear there are satisfied H20 owners out there. I'm also looking to audition the Bel Canto REF 1000s (Lunar Eclipse award from 6 Moons) and CI Audio D200s.

My Dynaudio 52SEs (4ohm, 86db) are moderately hard to drive, and I've read they respond well to high power... so I'd like to see what happens with a little more juice than my 40W Rotel can provide... maybe more life at lower volumes?
Beware the Ref 1000's on higher efficiency speakers- the flaws were easily revealed (lack of body; slightly grainy highs) when compared to the much superior Symphonic Line RG4 MKIII amps that replaced them. If you have less revealing; more power hungry speakers however, it may be a good match...
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I've been listening to H2O M250 SA on a pair of Gallo Ref 3.1> Amazing
clarity and focus. Top to bottom almost perfect. I have tried using
many power cables, found Fusion Audio Enchanters took them
to the next level.