H2o Amp

I was wondering if anyone has ran there H2o S-250 or M-250 with a set of Axiom M80ti speakers and a Adcom GFP 750 Pre Amp.
I doubt it that you will get a lot responses. Most H2O owners buy their H2O amps for 2-chl listening and usually have "more musical" sounding speakers than Axiom M80ti.

You will be better off to use the money to upgrade your main speakers and room treatments first.
>I doubt it that you will get a lot responses<

Not to mention the fact that he posted in the wrong forum.

I have a conventional (vintage Bozak Rhapsody 401 with 10" woofer, 4.5" mid, and 2 2" tweeter), a single driver (Fostex 167E in an MLTL config) and a planar (Magnepan) set of speakers. I can rotate my speakers using my H2O and very happy with all the different flavors I can get.

The ICE H2O is superb amp (I have the S-250) especially if you run it on Balance Power. My MLTL is at 94dB sensitivity rating. Although the amp is overkill for its capacity, I found no loss in the sweetness I am getting in this speaker compared to my 300B SET amp, plus a lot of deep, tight bass. Needless to say, my 300B amp had been resting for 3 months now.