H2O Audio: Anyone know how to get in contact with Henry anymore?

I recently acquired an H2O 250 signature amplifier. I wanted to ask Henry a few questions, but all the contact info in the manual and on the website is out of date. Anyone know of a way to get in touch with Henry?

A little late for your question, but in case anyone else has been wondering.. 

Sadly Henry passed away about two years ago.

I am so sad to read this. Henry was such a nice guy. I heard Apogee Scintillas at his house for the first time when he lived in Richmond.




I’m sorry do deliver the news.

And you’re quite right, very kind, as well as generous.

As a fellow Scintilla owner, I contacted him about eight years ago regarding his H2O amps. Within about ten minutes of the call, he offered to ship one to me for audition free of charge (not even shipping). I was taken aback, as not only did he know nothing of me but my phone number, but I live in Canada.

He assured me it was no issue, and long story short, I purchased both his amp and preamp.

About six years later I had a slight problem with one channel on the pre, and I asked him for any advise I could pass on to my local tech. He insisted instead that I ship it back to him and he would repair it free of charge.

Well, after a month or so he apologized for the delay, and told me that since it was taking longer than expected, he was shipping me his personal FIRE instead, which was newer and incorporated a few improvements.

I was beyond thankful, and the pre arrived shortly after. Little did I know this would be the last time I spoke to him.

We generally spoke a couple times a year, but after the pre arrived all communication ceased. Only later did I discover he’d been ill, and it breaks my heart to think he was undergoing serious health issues, but insisted on helping me regardless.