Had an epiphany, what would happen when all of you die?

This is not about analog directly or even music, I don't think there is another place in this planet with adepts like most of you are here in audiogon, what will happen when you all die? Raul, MC, Mijo, Lew, Erik, Atmasphere, (myself), even the one that shall not be named, even GK (how ya doing cupcake).
Will someone carry the torch? Would anyone care?Kind of sad to say see an age in audio technology (not only analog) pass by, really this post doesn't even make any sense, apologies in advance.

With all the craziness, and criticism,
If I would be alive 100 years from now I'll still miss audiogon and your contributions.
Thank you all for all the craziness
Wow some deep atheist beliefs MC, not buying it.

What is atheist about it?
You're in deep waters bob. I'm offering you a rope here.
No reason to be skeptical. The torch will be passed. This Thing is extremely contagious. New biological material is coming. 
When all the old time designers and audio buffs die there will be no more standard of reference in the industry to look back on and the quality of music reproduction will suffer and this is already starting to happen and has been for years.
but, just in case I suggest to put little price sticker on every piece of your equipment back panels so you wife or kids won’t throw it away right after :)