Haggemann phono preamp?

A real giant killer, Does anyone know where I can get some info on this product? So far search results have been nil.
Thank You For Your Help.
Member "Avivey" has one and loves it. He says it killed his Herron phono stage. Contact him about it. He can give you first hand info on how he likes it.
audioasulum.com forums. I believe Jim Hagerman is a regular poster over there.

Are you interested in the Trumpet or Bugle phone stage?
I recently acquired a Hagerman Trumpet phono stage. I like it alot. It is a substantial improvement over the Monolithic ss preamp it replaced. I don't know if it is a giant killer, but I believe it is a very good value for the money. His kit preamps are supposedly very good, and if you can build it yourself are incredible bargains. Jim Hagerman has an interesting background (posted on his website). He is an extremely knowledgable and experienced engineer. It's great that this hobby attracts talent like that.